About Unni&Harald’s Trophy

Oslo Turnforening has since 1994 organized Unni&Haralds Trophy as a yearly tradition. This is the only international competition in Norway and is held every year with participants from Norway and abroad.

The competition is named after Oslo Turforenings most winning gymnasts throughout the years, Unni Holmen and Harald Wigaard.

Unni Holmen

Norwegian Champion eight times from 1969-1977 and she was the dominant female gymnast in Norway winning several trophy’s. She also became Nordic Champion in 1971,1973 and 1977 and has represented Norway in 52 international competitions from nation meets, European Championship, World Championship and Olympic Games. After her gymnastic career, Unni has been involved in developing the Norwegian gymnastics as a Coach, judge, sport Manager in Oslo TF and as a member of the technical comittee in the Norwegian gymnastic federation. Unni has a true gymnastic soul and is today a member of honor in Oslo Turnforening

Harald Wigaard

Norwegian Champion in 1965. In the European Championship in 1963 he became number 10 overall and took a 4th Place in pommelhorse. Harald has participated in 19 international competitions and the highlight was the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964. After his gymnastics career Harald has been involved in Oslo Turnforening. He was leader of the Club from 1998-2004 and has been an important person in the development of the Club and in the process of building Haslehallen. Harald is today a member of honor in Oslo Turnforening and still active on the senior show group.